dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Three major attributes of an Eagle you need to fulfill your destiny:

Isaiah 40: 29 - 31

1. EAGLE'S EYES: An eagle has an ability to see an object twenty miles
away, not only this, he doesn't lose focus on his target.

For instance, when an eagle spots a group of animals for prey, he
targets one out them and go for it, leaving the rest.

It's not enough to have a vision, but you must also have focus. Never
allow anything or anyone shift your focus on your vision.

2. EAGLE'S WINGS: During the storm and strong wind when other birds
disappears in fear, that is when an eagle spreads his wings to fly
with the aid of the strong wind.
Where other birds sees danger, an eagle sees opportunity.

Storms of life are the wind that aids you to fly. Never see them as
obstacles or allow them to stop you, spread your wings and soar on
them like an eagle.

3. EAGLE'S CLAWS: The claws of an eagle are so strong that it is
difficult for an eagle to lose his prey no matter the challenge that
comes his way.

Never let go of your God given dream, hold unto it no the challenges.
Your God given dream must be tried and tested, this is when most
people loses their God given dreams. Don't be like any other bird that
loses its prey at the slightest shout; be like the eagle and hold unto
your God given dream, come what may.

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